Flavours available:

  • Lemon 
  • Cranberry
  • Mango
  • Kiwi
  • Kiwi Vegan
  • Mango Vegan

The new generation of Powerdrink Vegan will supply you with energy even more efficiently that before! The adjusted ratio of sugars ensures higher usability during physical performance, while the improved recipe ensures easier solubility in water. Powerdrink Pro NEW, contains soy isolate which is even more digestible and also suitable for vegans. Powderdrink Vegan NEW will give you strength for up to several hours of physical performance. The Powerdrink is a balanced mixture of 4 carbohydrates, soy protein, essential amino acids and MCT fats. It will give you strength during a demanding physical activity: it provides energy, prolongs endurance and accelerates body recovery. It dissolves fast and tastes exotic. The soy protein makes it suitable for vegans. 

Whey protein (Edgar Pro, Edgar Golf)

Easy to digest

Contains up to 90% of protein

Promotes the growth of muscles and helps with recovery

Extends the time of glucose release into blood


Rice protein (Edgar Vegan)

Represents a complete source of protein

Is hypoallergenic and easy to digest

Contains essential amino acids and absorbs slowly

Has a high content of fibre

Glucose (dextrose)

Works as a source of immediate energy

Is a permanent part of blood as the only carbohydrate?


This common disaccharide provides immediate energy

Consists of glucose and fructose


Releases energy gradually thanks to the sophisticated ingredients

Is created by joining five molecules of sugar

Provides long-lasting strength


Consists of glucose and fructose but with a lower glycaemic index than sucrose

Can be naturally found in honey and molasses

Optimises physical and mental performance

MCT fats

An unusual type of fat that immediately changes into energy

They do not store in the hypodermis like other fats

They are not digested using bile acids so the body absorbs them immediately

They promote releasing of the fats from the hypodermis when the caloric intake is limited

They help with organism anabolism

Citrulline malate

Increases energy production in the body by more than 30% thanks to the better use of oxygen

Protects blood from hyperacidity under intense load

Participates in liver detoxification and stimulates the immune system

Helps remove ammonia and lactic acid from the muscles

Improves endurance and resistance to fatigue

BCAA (Brain Chain Amino Acids)

Amino acids that consist of L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine

Significantly influence muscle recovery

Protect muscles under load

The body also uses them as a direct source of energy


Amino acid that has a strong anti-catabolic effect

Crucial in organism detoxification

Regulates the formation of glycogen in the liver

Beta alanine

The non-essential amino acid postpones fatigue


Improves and extends physical performance